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  1.       What is Type Approval?

     Type Approval is the term for the process of determining and registering the kind of equipment that can be brought and used in the United Republic of Tanzania without causing interference or long or short-term damage to the network. Also to ensure equipment safety for the consumers so that they don’t pose health and safety hazards.

2.       Which equipment needs type approval?

All Electronic Communications Equipment imported or manufactured for use in the United Republic of Tanzania or for connection to any electronic communications network for the purpose of receiving or transmitting electronic communication signals.

3.       Who can apply for type approval?

  • Any of the following parties may to apply for equipment registration of RTTE:
  • Local or international manufacturers.
  • Authorized Importers.
  • Licensed Operators.
  • Individuals

4.       What are the fees for type approval? 



Type Approval

Application Fee

10 USD or 10,000.00 TSHs.

Processing Fee for Terminal equipment

30 USD or 30,000.00 TSHs.

Processing Fee for Network equipment

1000.00 USD

5.       Is there any time limit to the validity of the Type Approval Certificate?

The validity is for the life time of the equipment.